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after using a bios mod for a very long time, the bios stopped working. when turnning on the computer, the disc drive spins once and then turns off. I did not do anything on the bios for weeks, so no recent changes have been made to the bios. I was updating AVG on windows seven, i restarted and nothing happened when it should have started. A person at a computer repair place told me that the entire motherboard is shot. is there any way to get the bios working without replacing the entire motherboard? After looking a while, I've seen something about a bios chip, but i would not even lnow where to start to replace a bios chip. I can access the motherboard if i have to, i know thati will if i have to replace the bios chip, but I'm wondering if anyonje can help me with my current stuation or if i have a huge, $750 paperweight/doorstop here. thanks