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Ok guys, have a few parts already, looking to get the majority of my build up and running very soon, but still tossing up around a few components.

I have bought:
- Rampgae 4 extreme
- 3930k

Got these 2nd hand from a builder in Adelaide, nice and cheap.
I was dead set after following JamesWalt1's builds, to build in a 900D, but given some of the reviews about inconsistent quality etc, I'm preferring the Phanteks case. So basically
- Phanteks Enthoo Primo Ultimate Case
- Corsair Dominator Platinum 4x8GB 2133 C9, will buy another kit down the track to make it 64GB, maybe
- 2x 256 GB Samsung EVO SSD, RAID 0
- AX1200i

All of this will be going under water soon enough, obviously with the case.
Now, graphics, going nVidia, for certain, will eventually be running 3 monitors too, so thinking 2 GPUs for now, and going to 3 later on.
I really like the overclockability of the Classified GPUs, but I have a few issues.
In the Enthoo Primo, im not sure a tube res will fit mounted to the back wall given the expanded size of the classy PCB.
My questions are this, 780 classy, 780ti classy or 780ti ref PCB? I want to overclock plenty, and will be running the new ROG monitors, so 120Hz at 1440p. Eventually 3 of these. Will need to grunt, so im thinking 780ti, but not sure.
Any input would be great, with any of the components, may even sort of build log this properly when i start doing the cooling.