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Same thing happened to mine,

4770k, maximus VI, H80i, ax760

Weird because few days ago the built in surge protection was cutting the power due to being tripped.. I read up on it and apparently the threshold for the surge levels set by asus is too low, 3-4 "surges" later i disabled the protection in bios. A day later it turned off by itself and then back on immediately, happened a few more times and now it turns on for a split second and turns off straight away...

I can see the ROG logo blinking on and off and this suggests to me that it must be the power supply, although it turned on this morning, but the screen was black ectect. The Check CPU light was on, so im in the process of removing the cpu to check for bent pins ect, im also picking up a PSU tester this afternoon.


*EDIT**** We have very similar specs... hmmm
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