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Hey guys.

I'm going to make this quick and short.

I have an NZXT Lexa S case and when i first built my PC the fans were run through molex connectors making them go 100 % all the time.

After alot of loud noise i wanted to change that, now i saw this video:

And i realized that i should have plugged my fans into those 1 and 2 sockets.

So i did that and after that,the fans were not even spinning ?!
I tried using the knobs on the front panel but nothing.

So i saw an empty molex connector which was labeled FAN CONTROLLER and i plugged it in, and now the fans are working again, but with the same problem.

No matter how much I turn the knobs the fans are still running at 100% and if you look at the video above there IS a difference.

So can anyone help me figure out what the problem is ?

Also the molex have been disconnected incase your wondering that is the problem.