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RM650 PSU + H80i + Corsair Link?

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I currently have an H80i hooked up and running with Corsair Link. I just ordered a RM650 PSU and according to Corsair the PSU is compatible with Link but requires a cable kit to essentially connect the PSU to an open USB header on the motherboard. Seeing as how i already have the H80i can i instead plug the PSU into the H80i pump? The H80i has 2 "slots" for these types of cables. Currently i have 1 slot used (cable splits to both fans) and 1 slot empty. Is the RM650 able to be connected to this empty slot instead of its own USB?

I couldnt find any solid info on this. It also looks like id need a combination of the "Digital Bridge" cable kit and the H80i cable kit to get the half that connects to the PSU and the half that connects to the H80i. The RM650 listing mentions being able to do this but the terminology they use is vague.


Has anyone else done this or can confirm it can/cant be done? Thanks
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I have a similar problem. Does anyone have any insight into this? Essentially it would appear that the H80i has some Corsair Link functionality built in but can the C-Link cable from the PSU somehow integrate with the additional fan controller port of the H80i? If not, it would appear that the C-Link cable splits into a temp senor and fan speed controller cable. Can I connect those cables to a temp and fan header on my motherboard (an Asus Maximus VII Gene) and still have full use of the Corsair Link software? Can I configure the software to recognize these as my PSU?

Thanks for the great community and the help!
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one last check to see if anyone has any experience with using c-link cable directly to motherboard headers or to the h80i... anyone have any insight or suggestions?
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Yes you can connect the PSU to the H80i. To quote Corsair "Hydro Series coolers all sport a Corsair Link port that can be used to connect an AXi power supply or one of the listed nodes, effectively working as a miniature Commander unit.

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That was my understanding as well, however, the cable provided with the PSU for the "C-Link" port does not have a way of connecting to the H80i (as far as I can tell). Maybe I'm missing something?
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Thank you. I was hoping to be able to use the C-Link tech already embedded in the H80i (because I've run out of USB headers) but I suppose there is no other choice. Thanks again for the reply.
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