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Currently this is my loop... I am using a XSPC bay res with D5 pump but I am finding it is rather annoying plus it just doesn't look as good as a tube!

I am thinking I will remove the bay res, move the hard drives from the bottom cage and mount them in my 5.25 bays. Remove the bottom cage then put a tube/pump in.

I have two ideas.... I just wanted some input smile.gif Thanks!

I will just give prices in USD even though its really Korean won, makes everyone's life easier but its really $.94/1000w

1) Bitspower Tube/Mod Kit $120
My only concern with this is where am I going to mount it. I could move my bottom 240 to intake from the front of my case and mount it on the bottom. I had kind of wanted to keep those front fans as fresh intake air but whatever

2) XSPC Photon 170 Combo $199
This isn't much more than the Bitspower and I get another D5! Then I can keep the bay res/pump together for my wife's build I want to start working on soon or just sell it. This I could easily mount on the back case wall without moving the 240 also.