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I use a E-350 atm as home server.
Its been running for years now non stop and all passively cooled smile.gif

It can stream to my TV in Full HD.
At the same time i can watch media files on 2 other TV's through media players.

Its also contains a back-up drive for 3 PC's in this home and we share 1 big network drive from this PC on the 3 other PC's

Its super cheap and does almost everything (you can game on it, not even with a discrete card)

The E-350 is old so i would go for a E-2200 now:

It would cost me about 100 Euro (ASUS E2KM1I-Deluxe = 135Euro + 8Gb RAM 60 Euro + Case 100 Euro) more. But then I wouldnt have to worry about when I wan to do additional stuff. On the other hand I dont have 3 TVs and not more than 2 PCs that will access the NAS. I guess I have to make up my mind.
Thanks for the input.