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4770k Overclock Help

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I recently upgraded from a 2500k to a 4770k and have been having troubles overclocking it.
I've currently got it at 1.3v and 4.2Ghz - it boots at 4.3Ghz but crashes pretty quickly under load.
I'm using the Gigabyte Z87 Sniper and my current settings are:
VCore - 1.3v
VRIN: 2.0v
uncore - 1.15v
uncore ratio: 40

Any help would be appreciated redface.gif
Do I just have a bad chip?
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Your vring might be a touch on the low side for x40 cache multi. Go back to your x42 OC and give it a run with AIDA64 cache test. Should pick up any instability on uncore rather sharpish!

It's regarded as advisable to drop uncore whilst OC'ing core with Haswell. When you start getting to the limits of the individual chip with regards to core, keeping uncore raised can be a tricky one and cause a few problems trying to get things stable.

If you drop it down to x34, keep vring at 1.15v then concentrate on core 1st it might help. With the core voltage you're already at, try upping vrin by .005v till you hit 2.1vrin (probably won't need this much but better to check anyway as every chip seems to react differently to each specific voltage), if still not stable drop it back down, increase vcore by .005v then repeat vrin. Should get you stable if the chip's up to it. thumb.gif
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Thanks for the reply smile.gif
I tried to get 4.4 using these settings:
vcore - 1.3v
cache multi - 34
vring - 1.15v
VRIN - 2.1v

It barely boots in to windows thumbsdownsmileyanim.gif
I'm trying 4.3Ghz now with the same settings but I don't hold out much hope.
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I have it running at 4.4Ghz with 1.35v. It's hitting the low to mid 80s in AIDA64, which is a bit toasty.
Seems okay up to now, though smile.gif

How does cache multiplier effect performance?
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Yeah, just keep going with what i suggested above and you will find stability depending on what limits you put on voltages. I'd probably call it a day there with that chip with regards to core. Temps are fine, you won't be running that hot day to day.

Cache - negligible performance for the likes of gaming etc. You could either put it back to auto (which i would recommend) or set to x40 with 1.2vring, check if stable then raise vring by .005v till all good or moving up the multi. As soon as it get's tricky just put it back down a notch and leave it. Set ram for xmp then go have some fun. Any questions after that head on over to one of the Haswell threads. thumb.gif
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Yep I don't think I can get any more out of it frown.gif I wanted 4.5 as that's what I had my sandy bridge at, but it seems that won't happen.
Thanks for the help smile.gif
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