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I expirence laggy desktop managment in Windows when WindowFX 5.12 is enabled.

I don't have the fastest SSD on the market although it runs Windows 7 smooth, both boot and everything else runs really smooth and fast.

I don't know what is the bootleneck here making my WindowsFX expirence laggy, so much noticable that I prefer turning it off.

Is it the low read/write speed of the SSD or something else in the hardware that isn't optimal for WindowFX?

Or is it something in Windows Visual effects preferences I need to turn off, so it doesn't interfere with each other?


Windows 7 Pro x64

AMD Phenom II X4 965 (3400 Mhz)


2x4 GB memory

OCZ-Vertex2 (SSD)

Windows Expirience Index: 7.4

CPU: 7.4

Memory: 7.5

Disk: 7.6

Graphics: 7.4

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