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Help with settings for 24/7 performance?

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I'm looking for some advice from the more experienced members here than myself.

I've recently upgraded my ram to two of the following: http://www.crucial.com/store/partspecs.aspx?imodule=BLT4G3D1608DT2TXOB
Totalling 8 GB.

So after having a play with the new CPU I got (FX-8320) and sitting @ 4.4Ghz, moved to RAM.

These are my best efforts so far:

So these are all stable to a fair degree, 10 passes v.high IBT, 4-5 h of BF4 64 man multiplayer - Also looking at the speeds, I reckon that I could get the scores higher at 2140Mhz I think relaxed timings will actually help.

I welcome your comments and thoughts!
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1066MHz 9-9-9 should theoretically be the fastest, but as you can see, there is not much difference even in synthetics.
So you might as well go for whichever of 933 CL8 or 1066 CL9 is most stable / achievable with the least voltage.
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Well after these I upped the V and re-ran @ 1070 MHz (1066 - with my +.7 HTT ^^ <3 Asus) and it improved the scores. So it deffinately wasn't stable like I thought..*cough*...presumed.. rolleyes.gif

Maybe you can give me one piece of info I cannot find anywhere - Voltage = Safe @ what limit? and are limits imposed by heat? or purely X.XXV will fry these ICs?
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It's not an exact science, safe voltage depends on many factors such as cooling, chips and PCB in use. Generally, anything above 1.70-1.75V is considered unsafe for long-term use, but you might as well get away with using 1.8+ (especially on Micron chips, which love voltage).
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Thanks for that! +rep.

Any tips on finding which chips are used?
I'm happy at present - as these are the most aggressive clocking DIMMs that I've had!

Running @ 1866 8-8-8-24 1t currently. Seems to give nigh on same performance as the 2140 MHz, but far easier to achieve.
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