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Hi guys,can u who can clarify my problem stated as the title i post? i just buy an FX 8350 and want to disable each core in each module for minor additional performance for my old games which only using 2-3 cores only.My board is already update the latest bios,1703 and when i see the setting "CPU CORE ON/OFF FUNCTION" in the bios,which let me to disable independent each of the cpu core.

Thus,after i make the 4C/4M mode,i save and restart my pc until into windows,(im using windows 7).....suppose it only showing 4 core on the task manager right? BUT IT UNFORTUNATELY NO AVAIL,it shows 8 core,not 4 core.Same also when using cpu-z and amd overdrive software.

So my question is:
1)what the point having the function in the bios if no core is being disable?
2)Are the function is only for the 1st gen bulldozer fx? not piledriver?
3)Or i need to wait the hotfix bios?

Can u guys help me?cause im waste buying this board if only OC is best,because i like to testing new way to improving the cpu performance beside OC the CPU.