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from my years of doing this yes the voltage needs to be the same. I have set 1.5v ram sticks to 1.6v to match, but as others have said you can't set a 1.6v to 1.5v it works sometimes but it will not be stable.

and zemco is correct. it is best to run matching ram, I don't mix ram often but have done it lots of times and have been lucky I guess.
now the systems that I have mixed ram were not overclocked gaming systems, they were just standard application and internet browsing systems.

Am I missing anything else though? Is it just the dram that needs to be boosted in sandy bridge?

Do I need to boost any other voltages at all? I've literally only boosted ONE voltage setting, like I did in my core i7 920..... Feel like I missed something in sandy bridge.... espeically if both dont even boot at 1333mhz at loose timings, let alone 1600mhz at clock 9!!!!!!