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It seems that my machine (Dell/Alienware M17xR3) is stuck at P8, causing my gaming performance to be horrible. I'm stuck on deployment with only this laptop to use, so this sucks!!! mad.gif


This wouldn't be so bad if nVidia Inspector would allow me to modify the clocks/voltage, but it has no effect other than to bring the clock speed up to a very low 200/324/405 setting.

I've tried:
- Just about every setting in the BIOS
- Setting Nvidia Control Panel settings to Maximum performance (as opposed to adaptive)
- Windows Power Settings to MAX (GPU power state = MAX, etc.)
- Trying to manually set the pstate via nVidiaInspector command line (doesn't work -- can only set to P8 and no lower)

PS... I'm using the modified BIOS to disable the intel (ie slow) board, forcing full-time 460M use.

Any help is greatly appreciated!!!