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Most games I'm confident in I buy at full price to support the devs(and I want to play is asap!) so my list isn't big.

Mass Effect 1 and 2(Bought them both in 2010 at $20 each, not a sale but lower than their launch price)

Dragon Age: Origins and DA2(Again, both both after their respective releases, both in 2013. DAO for $30 and DA2 for $20)

Fallout 3(Once again, bought the GOTY edition in 2010, 2 years after release at it's base price of $30)

Half Life 2(Yet another game I bought years after it came out but not on a sale)

Warhammer 40k: Dawn Of War II(Didn't actually buy this, downloaded the demo on Steam and I ended up getting the whole game. Definitely would have bought it when it came out for full price)

The Walking Dead: Season 1(The ONE game on this list I bought on a sale that I wish I bought for full price, great game)

That's about it. I think.