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1440p matte monitor

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i am looking for a new 27" 1440p monitor. my main requirement is for it to be matte (not glossy) -- my eyes cannot stand reflections. when i do a search on eBay, there are a lot of options (QNX, X-Star, Yamakasi, Catleap, Achieva) from a couple of sellers, and i'm not sure which brand is better and/or has better specifications (IPS vs AH-IPS vs PLS vs etc.?).

i would like it to have good colors (not necessarily super-accurate), and if it is overclockable, it'd a plus as well, but that is definitely not a main requirement. i will be using it mainly for coding; i will also be occasionally playing BF3/BF4 and maybe watching movies. i would really appreciate your help if you could recommend a a monitor or post your experiences or post a link to a guide/tutorial/comparison...

thank you smile.gif
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Consider these. All of these monitors are semi-glossy, which is half matte and half gloss. They're good at blocking reflections while still staving off the ugly grainy/sparkly AG coatings that older monitors have.

Viewsonic VP2770: Review 1 / Review 2
Advantages over the others:
- 7.2ms signal delay/input lag...Measured by PRAD
- One of the fastest non TN-panels

BenQ BL2710PT: Review 1
Advantages over the others:
- 0.9ms signal delay/input lag...Measured by PRAD (Review not open to public until later this year...)
- One of the fastest non TN-panels

Eizo EV2736W: Review 1 / Review 2
Advantages over the others:
- Significantly LESS IPS glow than the other 1440p monitors, making them great for dark scenes...
- Slight overshoot ghosting
- 17.6ms signal delay/input lag...Measured by PRAD

Qnix QX2710: Review 1 / Review 2
Note: The X-Star is completely identical to the Qnix
Advantages over the others:
- Overclockable to 120Hz
- Low input lag
- Very cheap
- You get what you pay for in Quality Control, in some cases...
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thank you so much. unfortunately, the first three are out of my price range. i should have been more clear in my first post. i meant among the korean monitors ( i am aware of the potential QC issues, but thank you for reminding me smile.gif ), which ones are considered better. you mentioned Qnix (and X-Star). do other brands have matte versions as well? is there a reason for picking Qnix over those?
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The QNIX is the only semi matte Korean monitor currently IIRC. All of the others are either glossy or has a Plasma-Deposition coating...
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thanks again smile.gif seems like it's the Qnix then. btw, is the plasma-deposition coating detrimental to picture quality of the monitor?
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An explanation on Plasma-Deposition.
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much appreciated smile.gif
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does anybody have any experience with www.ipsledmonitors.com and www.2560x1440monitor.com? or any of the eBay sellers?
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I would really look into the Crossover 2755 AMG. It has a glass panel with plasma deposition coating. They say it decreases glare by 70 percent, and I easily believe that. I never, ever notice glare on this monitor. I don't sit with my back to a window or anything, but I think it works very well and I've heard many comments from people who agree. It's not necessarily the same as matte, but it has outstanding picture quality and overall nice/quality feel you get from glass. It doesn't overclock without frame skipping but if that's not an issue then I think it's the best Korean 1440p panel on the market. It's incredibly thin and mine has nearly ZERO backlight bleed and has ZERO dead pixels. Crossover is known as one of the best Korean monitors and you pay a tad bit more for that but it's still very affordable. Aside from not being overclockable, it just really stands out from the rest with how thin it is and it's glass/metal construction instead of the usual thick monitors with thick plastic bezels, etc. It's very nice and is very glare resistant, and it seems to have some of the best quality and fit and finish you can get from Korean monitors.
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thanks for the suggestion. the Crossover monitor you suggested does indeed look really nice, but given its price, i think i'll stick to buying a QNIX or a X-Star one. i've already spent a lot of money to build a new desktop (damn ASRock and Zalman for rejecting my rebates! haha).

is there really no statistically significant difference between QNIX and X-Star? i know the panels are the same (Samsung PLS), but are the boards the same as well? and they both have the same 6ms response time?
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