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Random OS Freeze

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Been dealing with it for about a year now, it could be 2 mins after boot, 5 mins, 5 hours or 3 days. The freeze come randomly for me, they usually start with me "losing" support for my mouse, as in no response or rather no power to my mouse, the lights are not lit and there is zero response from the mouse

worse of all, if the mouse dies... I have keyboard support but I cannot shut down, or rather the shut down process... runs endlessly

I've gotten a beep code from my Mobo twice on start up, ofc it's never when I'm watching the board for the code it spits up upon having an error... my Gigabyte board beeps once for successful CMOS, and twice when their are errors

Non the less, all of the hard ware functions just fine except the mouse, and as I said the randoms are random. As of yet there is no trigger.

I'm going to go home today and activat the dump logs, and see if that will help me help my self!
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Sounds like a motherboard or power issue
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Originally Posted by dir_d View Post

Sounds like a motherboard or power issue

that's what I'm concerned with, I should test my PSU today truthfully. I installed a Power Conditioner in my system which for about a week gave me 0 issues [made my audio gear sound cleaner tbh]

but yea lol let my test my psu today, let's hope this PC will last another 6-7 months till I can build another, as I'd link not to sink more money into this build, case is too small and most of the hardware is getting to b 3 years old

either way good point, will let you know what I find
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