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H100i push/pull vs H105 push

Poll Results: Which option?

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    H100i and four SP120 quiets.
  • 66% (2)
    H105 and two SP120 quiets.
  • 33% (1)
    H105 and two SP120 performance.
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I know it might be a little early to tell as the H105 isn't out yet. But what do you guys think will be the better option?

H100i, with SP120 quiets in push/pull.

Or, the new H105 with the thicker radiator with either quiets or performance in just push?

I'm building a new computer, and with with my current build I never took in to account how loud it would be. The thing sounds like it's about to set off. Which is why I am mainly looking at the quiet fans. I would consider the performance fans, as long as they do give reasonably better temps. If they're going to be twice as loud for a 4 degree benefit, I'm not going to be interested. I do intend to overclock the 4770k, but only to 4.2Ghz.
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None of those at all. H220 or Coolermaster Glacer 240. Both of them cool better, are much quieter, and cost the same after adding the cost to replace the Corsairs fans.
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I'll be replacing the fans regardless. As I'm looking to have matching fans with the rest of the case, with it being windowed case that'll be sat on the desk. Noticed that the H220 always gets mentioned. One thing that did put me off, oddly, was that they are expandable/not entirely closed loop.
The reason why, simply is the same reason I don't want a customized loop in my system, I don't trust myself.

However, it would be nice to get some shorter white tubing fitted to it. Which might give me a bit more confidence for future builds I suppose. So, I would consider it.
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