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Hi everyone, im new to ocn, its my first thread here so please be gentle smile.gifsmile.gif

im sharing my finished nzxt switch 810 mod "cRang 3.0"

in few months time i will mod this case again and name this "gypsy danger" inspired from the movie Pacific Rim

my switch before this mod

i called this one NZXT Switch 810D, sorry for the name smile.gif

now start the modding!

parts list

Asrock Z77 extreme 6
Intel i5 3570k
intel 320 SSD
1 TB Seagate
Gskill RIpjaws Z 2133mhz 2x4g
Powercolor 7950 pcs
Seasonic x860 860w 80+Gold

Watercooling :

Larkooler Ku3 cpu block
Larcooler 240mm Ku3 240mm radiator
90deg FTW fittings
45deg FTW Fitting
FTW Compression Fittings
FTW Hose
EK 250mm Res
EK DCP4.0 pump
EK universal GPU Block
XSPC EX360 360mm radiator

Disassembling the case, removed the mobo tray .and re painting them .
PS : sorry for the photos. camera phone only smile.gif

added some decals to the motherboard

testing the motherboard tray and the motherboard itself

i'll cover the whole mobo tray and leave some space for the motherboard and made some psu cover,

this is also the area where the hdd will be place

now, i placed some holes in the custom motherboard tray cover for the cables to pass through , and ive painted the acrylic white at the opposite side to have nice look

now, i dont have enough photos for the placing of the watercooling components, no camera around, but ill show you how the WCS looks like, and this is the finished mod, ill promise ill find those pictures that ive missed

thanks smile.gif