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Coming from a x-fi elite pro which i can't use anymore due to the lack of pci slot in my new motherboard, i've narrowed my search down to these two products.

However there have been mixed impressions on which produces better quality sound and if the difference is noticeable.

I'm currently using my creative gigaworks s750 (7.1ch) which has served me well for the past 6 years. I can easily tell the difference between onboard audio or a cheap soundcard and a good one (subjective).

If say I didn't really need the Blueray processing functions of the HDAV 1.3 (i don't think compressed and uncompressed sound would sound that different on my speaker set), would it be still worth buying the HDAV 1.3 over the D2X?

I've read up quite abit on both cards and it seems the software for both are virtually the same. Except the HDAV 1.3 comes with the extra bitstreaming software since it has the hardware for that.

On paper the HDAV 1.3 seems to have a slightly better SNR of 120db over 118db of the D2X. However the guys at elitebastards did a review which showed the D2X was actually better with the analouge ouputs.

Edit : I think the HDAV 1.3 also uses different opamps (not sure if they are better though) and are swappable.

Also i think the HDAV 1.3 comes with all RCA connectors which would require adapters for me to plug my speakers into. The D2X has standard 3.5mm jacks.

What do you guys think? Is it worth to pay about a 60-70 USD difference for the HDAV 1.3 over the D2X?
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