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You will fill up the res and try and get the water through the loop by putting the res/pump way above everything else. Eventually the loop won't fill up anymore on its own and you have to turn on the pump. So now you can turn on the pump BUT be ready to turn it off if the reservoir runs dry, you do NOT want to run the pump dry. Refill the reservoir and repeat the process until the reservoir level stays constant. The other option instead of moving hte pump above everything, then you should just fill it up while the loop is emptying the reservoir ( I wouldn't recommend this, slow and steady is fine!).

So now that your loop is full of water, you close the loop. Turn the pump on and then you can move your case around to try and knock the bubbles loose and into the pump/res combo where water will replace the air bubbles.

Takes about 20 minutes or so, and the system will rid itself of the smaller bubbles.