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Hey guys - need some help here:

A few months ago, I got my third monitor, and started playing in 5760 x 1200 resolution. When I played Crysis 3 in this resolution, it was super slow (15-15 FPS) with my single GTX780.
I just purchased and installed another one so now I have 2 x GTX780 SLI.
Played Crysis 3, and it's even slower! Any idea?
When I play other games, it's better. When I do a Valley Benchmark at 1920 x 1200 I get a score of 3843 with 91.8 FPS, min: 30.5 FPS, Max 154 FPS. This tells me that the SLI is working.

BTW: no overclocking of anything: memory, CPU or GPUs.

My rig:
Asus Rampage IV extreme
i7 3930K
G Skill Trident K 2400 Mhz DDR3 - 4 x 8 Gigs: 32 gig matched set.
Gigabyte GTX780 with EVGA GTX780 in SLI.
Corsair AX860 Platinum PSU
NZXT Switch 810 case.
NZXT Kraken X60 280mm x 140mm water cooling system.
NZXT Hue programmable lighting system
Samsung 840 Pro 256 Gig SSD
Seagate 5,000 rpm 4 TB HDD (data drive)
Seagate USB 3.0 4 TB external hard drive (back-up drive)
LG Blueray burner
Three Samsung SyncMaster 2443BW 1920 x 1200 monitors 60 Hz monitors.