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Hi, i really need to know which one is better . This model of Benq monitor do not have HDMI port, and Philips monitor have HDMI port . Those are both monitors of 27 inches , and form the same class . Now i have Benq this Benq monitor . I wanted Benq GW2760HS ( he is like GW2760 just with HDMI port) and from the company they gave me this one, they made a mistake. Now they offer me Philips from that class, who have HDMI port and i don't know should i take it or not . I like this Benq. Its really nice monitor, just wish that he have that HDMI port . I am wondering, is there big difference between these two monitors ? Anyone have some expirience of Philips V-line 273V5LHAB/00 ? Thank you