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Hey guys. I just built my first watercooling loop with a GTX 580 and a 3570k. I finally finished the system today and started to play some games. At first, things went great. Then, I began to get random crashing and black screens on the start of all my games. I decided it was a driver issue, so I made sure that all of my old 7850 drivers were taken off and that the newest Nvidia drivers were installed. I then went back in, and the same crashing happened. I kept booting and rebooting, trying different things, until it got to the point to where if I plug in the monitor input to the 580, it just black screens without even starting, but if I plug it into my motherboard it is fine. I originally tested the card before watercooling to test and when it crashed on every game I assumed it was because I had installed a makeshift driver and not the newest. I got this card from Newegg refurbished, and if it helps when I applied the block the thermal paste was all over the card on the original heatsink. Any help you can give at all would be great. I have checked the power cables, and my specs are below:

i5 3570k
GTX 580
Silverstone ST850w Silver
8 GB Crucial Ballistix

I was wondering if it could be because it is plugged into a power brick, and if that is limiting the electricity? Keep in mind, I can't take out the card that easily because of the fact that it is liquid cooled. I would've said that I broke the card when installing the block, but it worked like a charm earlier today. Thanks for any help guys.