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Hello everybody! New member here. New to overclocking and new to I'm not new to computers however, as I've been building and working on them for over 10 years now, but really am only an average user. I've done some researching in the past for certain topics like sleaving PS's and other general info, and I always end up finding a link that brings me to this site. So, naturally I decided to join! I'm not really that much into overclocking, as right now I'm only a moderate computer gamer, and don't have the need for the extra power. But I'm always into ways to improve my computers and other mods to do. So, nice to meet everyone and look forward to being a member of the site! thumb.gif

Also, I'm not sure where to find this, but is there a way to change my username? I somehow over looked it and missed a letter. I've typed the name so many times I forgot to check. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction!
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