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EVGA Hadron "SS Wingin' It"

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I started this thread not because it's cool but because I'm probably going to need some help and advice. I'm basically just wingin' it.

So I know one of the biggest complaint is that the EVGA Hadron is going to be a dust magnet because it is completely negative pressure with no filters. I haven't built a computer in around 5 years or so bear with me. My goal was to basically replicate this Prodigy M build but on a smaller scale.

My purpose for this build is just to have a small compact computer to use on a daily basis while being able to use an AMD card (for mining, but not serious, just to get my toe in the pool)
Unfortunately I didn't really plan out too well so basically I can't fit anything longer than 10 inches so basically no R9 280X mad.gif
If anyone knows about the heatsink length of the shortest R9 280X card let me know, I don't mind cutting down the plastic shroud.

I haven't finalized my parts but so far I'm leaning

AsRock F2A88X ITX
AMD Performance Edition 16GB (2 x 8GB) DDR3 1866
Powercolor PCS+ R9 270X

The reason I'm using Kaveri (I know Intel CPU it much faster and power efficient) is that I wanted to run some steam games, maybe SC2 (nothing intensive, I will be running Arch Linux so gaming isn't a huge priority). I'm using my dedicated card for some minor mining so that is out of the equation.

I have no idea how to mod so I'm just reading and watching YouTube videos. I'm basically just winging it. Corners will be cut if it's not something that would normally be seen.

I removed the front panel and the drive bays. MORE SPACE!

Then I cut the front mounts for the power button off with a dremel.

I'm kind of mocking it up without all my components here yet.

Now I'm in the process of cutting out the fan holes. There are two plates at the bottom so have to cut through both one at a time.

I have roughly cut out the holes for the bottom, now just grinding down to smooth out the surface.

My current issues are

1) I'm thinking about how to mount the bottom fans, I can choose to either drill holes and mount with the rubber mounts. I'm just unsure about how much anti vibration will happen because it has to go through 2 plates. I may just use foam adhesive. Any ideas? I would ideally like thing rubber mounts that have adhesive on both sides
2) I'm still pondering color combos but it's not that important at this moment. (I'm probably going red wiring)

Any Advice is much appreciated!
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To hold those bottom fans in place, why not just use velcro? Buy some Velcro at Home Depot, Cut it to size so theres a triangle strip at each corner of the fan, apply the opposite side of the velcro to the case and there you go! They have adhesive on the back and it's stong! And you can remove it easily as well. Hope this helped.
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