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FX-9590 / GA-990FXA-UD7 unstable

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I figured out that when running multiple graphics cards, the UD7 requires the sata power cable plugged into the motherboard.
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Hi Ryan

Did you have to proceed to some bios update to make your FX9590 run on that motherboard ?
or was it accepted without any trouble?

thanks smile.gif
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If you running the lastest bios FC,you will be ok..if not you'll need to update it.
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But would "revision 1" of the motherboard accept the fx9590 ?

i am asking because on gigabyte site i see that that only rev3 of the motherboard does accept the FX9590....

and would i need to put an FX8150 to update the bios? or can i do it with an FX9590 on the motherboard?

thanks for your help. Gigabyte site isn't clear...
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if you have the rev.1 board then I'm not sure it will run it, and don't mix the bios from the different versions of the boards.The rev 3 boards will. give a shout to someone over here they'll should be able to give you a better answer.. http://www.overclock.net/t/1023100/official-gigabyte-ga-990fxa-series-owners-thread-club .
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ok thank you smile.gif
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