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OK, so tried to update bios using 41MTES2L..F5 as downloaded from Gigabyte site.

Qflash returns a ID Check error when I try to upate the bios.

So right now I cannot even flash the bios with the standard update files from Gigabyte.

Any ideas?

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Are these the 3 files you used to update the bios file?


I still cannot flash my bios. I am really missing something obvious or I am really stupid!!!!


Here is the link for the latest microcode file:

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OK I now understand the problem. It is basically that I am stupid!!! My motherboard is a Gigabyte GA-G41MT-D3 (rev. 1.3) not a ESL2 Duh. I have the ESL2 in another machine and forgot which one had the ESL2 board. Then my browser history brought up the ESL2 page and I missed it!!!

So there is only one bios file available for this D3 board and that is F1. Which is why I am getting errors.....I am just very happy that I did not screw my bios. Thank you Gigabyte for putting some error checking in place.

The best I can do is what I have. F1 bios modded for this cpu.

Sorry for all the hassle I hope I did not inconvenience you too much Vincent12. You are a star.

Maybe this thread will help someone else out.

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Yes, I used all those

cpu00010676_plat00000004_ver0000060f_date20100929.bin <=in mine and other description
cpu00010676_plat00000040_ver0000060f_date20100929.bin <=in mine and other description

cpu0001067a_plat00000044_ver00000a0b_date20100928.bin <=in mine and other description

cpu0001067a_plat00000011_ver00000a0b_date20100928.bin <=in mine, but not in other description!!
cpu0001067a_plat000000a0_ver00000a0b_date20100928.bin <=in mine, but not in other description!!

cpu_microcode.zip 591k .zip file

These files were extracted from microcode.dat =>microcode-20140122.tgz

There's the tool called microdecode.exe, which decodes (extracts) the microcode .bin files from microcode.dat

microdecode.zip 17k .zip file
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No problem at all.
I'm so much glad, that you just had used BIOS for other model biggrin.gif
which I actually wanted to ask you.

And you Board should have Dual BIOS!! Most Gigabyte Boards have Backup BIOS chips. But there are still a few things to follow strictly so nothing goes wrong with BIOS repair with Dual BIOS.

I also use Virtual machines, with Xen/Debian dom0. Testing that for a friend, so he can can run Win XP all with one computer instead of 10 PCs biggrin.gif
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I will have to do some reading up on the dual bios. F9 does not seem to work on this motherboard. Specification says it supports the following:

Support for @BIOS
Support for Q-Flash
Support for Xpress BIOS Rescue
Support for Download Center
Support for Xpress Install
Support for Xpress Recovery2
Support for EasyTune (Note 4)
Support for Easy Energy Saver (Note 5)
Support for Time Repair
Support for Q-Share

F9 is Xpress Recovery but it requires you to boot with a cd and driver disk from Gigabyte!

For virtualisation I use KVM on Ubuntu Server and Desktop using Virtual Machine Manager and Cloudmin. There is virtually no difference in performance between the KVM VM and bare metal. A lot easier to use than Xen and with full Red Hat support and development probably the safer longer term bet no special kernels, builds etc. as KVM is integrated into the kernel. I use webmin/Cloudmin to manage the systems.

All seems to be running well with the L5430, it is the same generation of processor I have in a number of dell servers (L5410 L5420) I just need to understand the thermal envelope and tweak power settings etc. It seems to run a lot warmer (50 Deg C) than the Dual Cores approx 10Deg C warmer using the same cooler etc. Maybe I need to have a look at the thermal paste and ensure I have good contact. I use an Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro Rev 2 and have found it to be awesome. I could OC a E5500 to 3.3-3.6 Ghz comfortably on this board and cooler combo.

I cannot get the speed above 333mhz x 4 so there is no tweaking available for this processor just 8 x multiplier on this board. I would be interested in others experience of using this processor (thermals, clock settings etc.).


Just a footnote. Both the G41 Chipset MT-D3 and the MT-ES2L boards are essentially identical in specification. I can't find any differences at all apart from the capacitors, it looks like the D3 board is the later board, a good reliable board though and a very cheap Xeon platform smile.gif

EDIT: It seems that lmsensors and the gnome senosrs applet are over-reading the cpu temp by about 20 Deg C. When I look at the CPU temp in the BIOS it shows as about 21-25 Deg C and in Windows 21-25 Deg C but in Ubuntu using lmsensors it shows as 45 Deg C +.
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The Xeon L5430 has a TDP of 50W. Fastest Xeon 771 which fewest energy consumtion.

And the Core2 Duo E8600 has 65 W TDP (3333 MHz, 1333MHz FSB, only two Cores and less Cache)

Intel wants to lauch new Xeons with 15 Cores + Hyperthreading and only 105W TDP in a few months for newer/with new socket!!!

I have three Mainboard: Asus P5Q3, Gigabyte EP45T-UD3LR and Asrock P43 Pro/USB
The Asrock Mainboard BIOS shows 40 C with my L5430. Sensors in Debian shows 40-50 C. And 58 C (when all cores 100% at use)
Apparrently my Radeon HD4870 is warming up the airflow around the CPU, also in idle mode because there's a bug with ATi Powerplay and the GPU takes 80 W power consumption in idle mode.
I've removed the CPU-cooler and washed all thermal grease and replaced it and placed the Cooler again. But the Asrock board always shows higher CPU temperature than the other two.

The Gigabyte Board with second L5430 shows 18 C (open case) and 29 C with closed case.

And The P5Q3 shows 25 C with closed Case with third L5430 biggrin.gif
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Your second Gigabyte board you have, is it also running with a Xeon L5430?

I got mine for 10 dollars on ebay auction incl. shipment smile.gif

And the seller gave me a second L5430 free of charge to thank, because I made an offer to give him more money which he rejected. smile.gif
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No the other board has a Core 2 E8600 which is supported out of the box. This was my first experiment with the 771-775 process. I specifically wanted the L5430 as you say it has max cache 12MB and is the highest performance lowest power CPU. Comparable to the very top end of the Core 2 Quad range with 12MB but with almost half the power footprint, better silicon etc.

I think that the CPU core temp reading is the thing that is confusing me. The other reading is listed as temp3 and that shows 25 Deg C so maybe that is actually the CPU case temp. If so then this is running far cooler than the E5500 and E8600 cpus. Even when flat out using burnP6 (x4 for the 4 cores) @ 100% cpu utilisation temp3 does not get over 40 Deg C and the cores show at about 60 Deg C.

The L5430 cost me 20 GBP + a few GBP for he mod sticker which is about 3X your cost. 6 x if you factor in the free one smile.gif I will continue to play around with this and monitor it.

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I got three Xeon 771-775 stickers from speedss5 on ebay. All three working.


Oh only 2,33 € (1.95 GBP) now smile.gif I payed 6 € per 1 sticker two months ago
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