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Since last Func-thread was weeks(month) old, i might set a new one for my trouble.

In contraray to what others stated, my Func MS 3 Mouse really was amazing with no trouble at all, really .....
... until i installed the software to it *facepalming myself for my stupidity*

Since that mouse really was working that grand, i checked their hompage for other products,
finding a Setting-Software and Firmware software for download, and a guide how to.

- Func MS-3 Settings Software 1.22
- Func MS-3 1.1c Firmware

I followed even that Guide (not really that difficult)

- and guess what: yes the Mouse stopped after month of nice function to respond.

So i used the trouble-shooting steps mentioned in the guide- no use.
The lights of the Mouse are lid, when connecting to the USB- but no function at all anymore.

Of course i tried a few de- and reinstallation of the Software, hoping tht Mouse would react- nope. I keep getting the Error message:

"Please use only Firmware from Func" *sigh* Aye guys, i downloaded it from your homepage- so i guess its yours.

I found out its a known issue, and others even resetted their computers back to factory-settings ( i am never gonna do that!, just to make that clear!). Not getting an answer, i logged into their page as account and wrote them today again.

Hope i have more luck than that other guy here in the Forum, where they stopped responding him.

If you have any tipps and experience- just let me know.

Why I do all that afford instead of using another mouse? Because the mouse 'was' really really great before.

Thnx ahead for any useful tipss.


Edit 1
My guess is, that the software I downloaded overwrote/deleted some of the stored info on the mouse itself.
I just dont know how to fix that, or put new info on the Mouse. The pointer is working again, but none of the Mouse-Buttons (thats so wierdo).
Another Driver-error-info i got now was: New device WT6573 (Weltrend WT657F USB ISP
Port 32&64 bit. Driver found but -the client asked for an unvalid action depending on the components condition. contact the manufacturer for a valid driver.
(freely translate form my swedish error message)

So a driver issue apparently- but none i can solv of my own. Anyone?
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