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Hello everyone. This is my first post and I apologize in advance because it is going to be detailed and wordy.

Anyhow, I've had a FX 9590 for a few months now. I got a great deal on it and I purchased a Zalman Resorator Max 3 (right after it was released....wish I would have waited a bit or bought a different cooler) for cooling. I've had a phenom II and 8350 in past builds so I'm not new to AMD. I had recently purchased an 8350 for a buddies build after AMD started putting out the 9590s and it was clear that they were using their best silicon for those chips that was why I spent $45 more and got a 9590.

Upon first installation of everything...I disabled turbo and ran the cooler at max to see what kind of results I was getting in Prime95. I reached 90C in less than 90 seconds. I was really disappointed to say the least. I tried different installation places for the cooler, different methods for applying thermal grease, anything I could think of and I was not able to run Prime95 at default settings for any real length of time before hitting dangerous temperatures . So I chalked it up to the fact that it was getting this warm just simply due to the TDP and voltage. At stock settings, light gaming sessions of just 30-45 mins were putting me up to temps of 65-70C. That's to high in my opinion so I thought I'd play with voltages and MHz frequencies to try and get temperatures that well lend themselves to longevity vs higher power.

So the first thing I did was lower the voltages one increment at a time. At 1.525, just one increment, I had a core fail in Prime95 at about 20 seconds in. So my next step was to lower the CPU frequency. Same results at on to 198 (4.65GHz) and this is where things got interesting. Continued to test Prime95 while also watching youtube videos until it reach 88-90C with each voltage...and i finally had a core fail at 1.2750. All adjustments were made with the AXTU so I thought, "no, surely I can't run this hard this fast on only 1.2875 volts." So I made the adjustments in my bios and went on to test again to confirm. I was able to run Prime95 long enough to complete 7 tests...while listening to music, and watching a twitch stream...with my cooler idling the temperature between 80-83C not just once.....but multiple times all with the same results. Now, in my opinion, 80+ is still really damn hot. However, temps I'm getting while gaming (Heavily modded Skyrim, Borderlands 2, Dark Souls) + streaming + listening to music are now sitting 35-40C at gaming periods of 2+ hours and idle temps are 22-27C.

Two things. 1. I am blown away at how low of a voltage I am able to rock this thing at 4650MHz. Anyone else ever get these kind of results? 2. Are my high temps in Prime95 normal for this chip running so few of tests are is the Zalman Resorator 3 just that bad? (Really wish I would have gotten a Kraken x60 to match my NZXT Phantom 630 case)