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Prodigy Water Cooled [Build Log], LGA 1155, Custom Loop

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I have always wanted to have a water cooled gaming rig, but never had the necessary funding until recently. So I decided to go all out and water cool my black BitFenix Prodigy. I have had the Prodigy and all the components for about a year now, but its was running on two 140MM Cougar fans and a Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo. This give decent cooling but nothing worth getting excited over.


CPU: Intel Core i5-3750k, originally at 4.0 GHz, WC'd at 4.2 Ghz
GPU: MSI HD Radeon 7870 Ghz edition
MOBO: AS-Rock Z77 m-itx
RAM: 8GB Muskin Redline DDR3-1866
SSD: 120GB Muskin SATA-III
HDD: 250GB WD Cavier Blue


For about a year I left my prodigy un-modded, until I decided to add my first modification. A acrylic side window.
I then added two red LED strips to help light up the interior of the case and show off the goods.


Then came the fun part, adding the water cooling loop. Since this was my first water loop I decided to avoid water cooling the GPU till later on. Also I didn't want to go through the hassle of water cooling at HD 7870 and decided to wait till I get a GTX 770 or HD R9 280x before I attempted to try any GPU water loops.

Water Loop Specs:
Pump: Laing DDC
Res: EK-DDC X-Res 100
Rad: XSPC EX-240
CPU Block: XSPC Raystorm
Fittings: Monsoon Red and Matte Black 10/13
Tubing: PrimoFlex Pro LRT UV Red
Fans: Corsair SP-120s

First thing I had to do was declutter the drive bays, moving the data drives and removing the optical drive

After clearing out the case of unnecessary components, came the prepping of the water components.

Then came the loop fit test

After leak testing the loop outside of the case, I then mounted the loop into the case.

CPU block

Pump was mounted with M4 screws and rubber washers.

System completed:

I will soon sleeve the power cables with black and red sleeving, updated pics will come soon

Loops runs around 25-30C idle, 60C at full throttle, with the i5-3570k OC'd at 4.2 Ghz.

Improvement over 40C at idle and around 75-80C at full throttle on air.

I hope you like the build, comments are welcome.
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Looks good. Show us some pics of the finished inside with the side panel removed.
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Here ya go sluggo!

Once I get my next paycheck, I am ordering the stuff to sleeve the cables black and red, I know its kinda backward to do the cables last, but once those are done, the rig will really start to shine
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Oh and I have two monsoon temp G1/4 temp sensors that I will add once I purchase the Bitfenix Recon fan controller... Wanted to buy it with the water loop but I ran out of funds. lol
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Cool, thanks for the pics. I really like the look of those 90 degree Monsoon fittings. And I can relate to running out of funds! I started a build log: http://www.overclock.net/t/1463970/build-log-sluggofied and with all the high end parts that I bought, it's hard to tell the kids that they won't be able to eat for awhile! lachen.gif

But seriously, look forward to seeing your progress.
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How did you cut the side pannel?
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I used a jigsaw with a metal cutting blade. I also used masking tape to make the lines and also protect the panel when it was being cut. Cut pretty straight and clean lines. I did have to take a little black spray paint to touch it up but overall came out very nice.
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