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Fx 6300 $109
Gigabyte GA-970A-UD3P $49 (MC discount)
Hyper 212 $29
MSI 270X $219

I just have to say, the GT1 by IN WIN is amazing in person. At microcenter you can grab one of these for $44.99 right now. Good cable management, includes 2 120 mm fans (rear RED led) 7 HDD bays, 3 optical bays, huge side panel window, no sharp edges, HDD hot swap at the top exterior of the case and it's not monstrous in size either.

Very pleased with the outcome and hope to hit 4.5+ on the CPU. I'll add as many fans necessary as the case currently has 2 120mm fans but supports 6 120mm fans total.

I can take more photos upon request.

Other parts include.
intel 320 80 gig SSD $free
Crucial Ballistix 2 x 2 gb RAM @ 1600 $free
Rosewill Capstone 450 watt modular $60

I will monitor power draw from the wall with a kill-a-watt meter to see how much power this machine will soak up. If I have to upgrade, I will.