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New build - GA-Z87N-WiFi driver issues - Please help

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I recently built a new pc, the specs are as follows:

OS: Windows 7 Pro - 64 bit
Mobo: Gigabyte Z87N-WiFi
CPU: Intel I5 4670k 3.4 ghz
RAM: Corsair Vengeance 8gb (2 x 4gb) 1600
GPU: Gigabyte GeForce GTX 760 4gb
PSU: SeaSonic G-750 SSR-750RM 750W ATX12V / EPS12V 80 PLUS GOLD Certified Modular Active PFC Power Supply

This may be the cause, but I wanted to avoid reinstalling windows if possible. After the installation completed and I was running all of the windows updates, it came to the SP1 install. As the SP1 install was finalizing I shifted my tower and it unplugged. My pc then went through a hdd check to verify any bad sectors, which appeared to be fine.

The issue I am having is with the drivers for the mobo. I tried using the drivers from the disk and directly from the gigabyte website and no matter which I use I cannot get the WiFi to work. Also, while in game I am getting a lot of random spikes (ie: 40 ping, then jumps to 300+ ping for several seconds) this happens roughly every 10-30 seconds. My previous build had no issues. Just to mention, this is with my pc only pulling bandwidth, nothing else is connected.

I am not sure if this is due to driver issues, ISP issue or faulty cat-5 (however it worked flawlessly with my old pc). If it is a driver issue, any advice would be appreciated. I have never had this much of an issue installing drivers for a mobo.

If anyone has the same GA-Z87N-WiFi mobo, please let me know how you got your WiFi to work.

I will be in class for a few hours today so I will reply asap.

Thank you.
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I had the same issue.

Make sure you are downloading the right driver for your motherboard revision.

I had to search for GA-z87N rev 2.0 and get the drivers from the gigabyte website for it to work.
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