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Originally Posted by PepeLapiu View Post

Nonsense. You don't need a video.
Just send it to me. I'll install it in mine and you'll save the trouble to install it.....and you'll save on shipping too.

But seriously. You want us to search on Youtube for a video of res installation?
Dude, you need to get yourself familiar with a little obscure site known at google.com

I believe i didnt ask for a video link from you? I said i would need to see some videos, but nvr mention anything abt asking u to provide me the links...

Not to be rude, but dun get too full of urself. Im just saying that to myself.
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Originally Posted by friskiest View Post

Bitspower male to male dual rotary

There is absolutely nothing wrong with EK pump tops - I've owned three.
Your best solution could possibly be the EK X-Res D5 combo since you are looking to have the res mounted directly to the pump.

The cylinder can be replaced with your own 150mm res.
Alternatively, look for bitspower dress/mod/upgrade kits in the 150 variants.

Google is your friend.
Just seems lazy at this point.

I noe google is my best fren. Jus dat i nvr asked anyone to provide me links for video.

And thank you for the ideas.. will research on them wen im off work
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Read downloaded the instruction manual for EK X3 150mm res. Can i take it that the bottom ports are to be connected to the pump top with the included G1/4 extenders, or can i get Bitspower G1/4 extenders for it?

Port 1 and 2 would be used for inlet and outlet respectively, and Port 5 can also be used for inlet as well. Since they mentioned not to use fittings more than 25mm, i supposed the Bitspower compression fitting G1/4 3/8 ID 5/8 OD would fit as the biggest diameter is 21mm. Likewise for port 3 and 4 to be connected to pump top, thread cant be above 5mm, and Bitspower fitting fits the bills. Correct me if im wrong.

As to connect the res to the pump top, an extender like such is needed? http://www.frozencpu.com/products/11882/ex-tub-732/Bitspower_G_14_Thread_Male_to_Male_Rotary_Extender_-_Matte_Black_BP-MBRG.html?id=MRqXv27T&mv_pc=2285#blank
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