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Rosewill Legacy MX-2

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Does anyone have this case? Obviously it resembles apple's styling, but non the less I still think it's one of the sleekest, most gorgeous cases on the market right now. I really like it, but it is a bit pricey. Only really down side I can think of right now is the fact that there are 2x optional 80mm fan mounts in the back... 120mm is kind of the minimum standard now and days. Also don't really understand how that CD drive works.
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i just did a build/refresh in this case. i think the styling is much better - more minimal - with better proportions than just about anything else out there. those rear 80mm fan locations are pretty important, i think, since the other intake air goes past/over the GPU. not that much of an issue if you're doing things that are either cpu or gpu intensive, but both at the same time and you want some fresh air passing over the cpu or the radiator if you mount one at the top.

the front optical bay requires a 9.5mm slot loading slim laptop type drive. works fine.

my setup is not very exotic. 3930k, 16gb ram, gtx 770, 240gb pci-e SSD, two 3tb 7200rpm hd, seasonic x560 power supply, corsair h90 cpu cooler:


added 80mm rear fans (dropped max load temps 8C or so)
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Interesting case...

sfmthd, it almost looks like the H90 is floating in the air. Is it installed regularly on the fan? Are there any clearance issues?
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it's actually kind of a PITA.

it fits fine - meaning that there's plenty of space for it - but because the screws for the fan don't go in from the outside of the case, there's no way to screw the fan into the radiator and then screw the combo into the case. there are four small threaded standoffs welded to the underside of the bottom panel.

i attached it for testing with VHB tape and a little block for a ledge on the motherboard tray side. it wasn't going anywhere, but I've since 3d printed a small bracket for it which screws into the support holes on the radiator and clamps around the fan. cleaner.

if the screws could go *through* the radiator, you could just get really long screws as long as they were the precise length (since again, they can't go through the case if too long), but I'm not aware of any radiators that have their mounting holes "clear" of the fins.
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i'm currently pondering a custom water loop for this guy - realizing of course that the case was absolutely not designed for water cooling.

not sure it's going to work, but I'm thinking about something like this, probably the one on the right with two radiators.


my temps are currently fine on the CPU - about 65C max with all 6 cores at 100%, but the fan noise from the GTX 770 is annoying, as is the idle pump noise of the corsair stock pump.
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Won't that 140mm rad conflict with mobo components? Is there sufficient clearance?

I don't know how they missed the chance of making this case the best compact ATX case ever. I mean all they had to do is make the top compatible with 240/280mm coolers, just like how Lian Li did with PC-A51.

I guess one can drill through those said standoffs to open fan screw holes on the top to accommodate 140mm AIOs/rads but still... I love the case and I would buy it if I knew I could install my Nepton 140XL up there.

Also the 7th slot being blocked by fans?? I mean, seriously, what were they thinking? All they had to do was lower the fans a bit, since there is tons of clearance at the bottom for fan intake. It wouldn't increase the case height at all, and the PSU could use that extra clearance too!!

Such a missed chance for Jonsbo/Rosewill...
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sfmthd, do you think you can measure the distance from the top of the case to the edge of the motherboard? I'm curious whether a 38mm radiator (like Nepton 140XL) would fit in there.

Another thing, can you say the type of screws they used for the top fan? Are they 6-32, m3, etc?

I'd really appreciate it, thanks!
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sorry for the slow reply!!!

the distance from the inside surface of the top panel to the top edge of the motherboard (rampage iv gene) is 64mm. it looks like the nepton would fit with one fan. probably not two. you're right that the thicker 140mm rad i was contemplating will conflict. i hoped it would be in front of the mobo, but it won't. will need a thinner rad.

the 140mm fan that came with the corsair h90 AIO plus it's 140mm radiator leaves about 6 or 7 mm to spare before the motherboard. it fits well.

sorry but i don't know the type of screw. next time i take it apart, i'll compare to some various metric screws i have here. i'd guess M3.

what they should have done is a) shaped the PSU bracket slightly differently and b) located the power extension cord elsewhere so that a 240mm rad would fit at the bottom. with a mATX motherboard, there's a bunch of extra space there, it has really nice clearance below to the cool air at floor level, and it has filters.

this drawing is how i ended up configured for now:


i got better temps with all of the top 3 fans as an intake. the very top fan as intake helped CPU temps under load and the two 80mm fan as intakes particularly helped the CPU temps when the GPU is under load. the stock configuration blows air from the bottom over the GPU (as much as makes it past the fans of the ACX cooler) which presumably gets hot. adding fresh cool air from the pair of 80s helped, at which point i switched the bottom two fans to exhaust.
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I wish that thing was not so expensive.
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