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Okay thanks and good luck with your Thesis smile.gif

So I've finished with my school work and it's now time to get back to the stuff that's really important in life: making minute adjustments to my H100i to find the most optimal cooling scenario. Did some tests, here's what I came up with:

Cooler: H100i; small nylon washers used to level off the mounting bracket and make it more snug
Case: Antec 1100
Fans: two standard H100i fans, SP120L's I believe, in PUSH
Thermal paste: Arctic MX-4
Motherboard: ASRock Z68 Professional Gen3

Test #1
Cooler position: 180 degrees (Corsair logo upside down)
Test: Prime95 for ~1 hour
Core temperature results: 70/74/77/67

Test #2
Cooler position: 270 degrees (Corsair logo on its left side)
Test: Prime95 for ~1 hour
Core temperature results: 70/75/77/66

Test #3
Cooler position: 0 degrees ("standard"; logo right side up)
Test: Prime95 for ~1 hour
Core temperature results: 67/72/74/65

Test #4
Cooler position: 90 degrees (Corsair logo on its right side)
Test: Prime95 for ~1 hour
Core temperature results: 70/74/76/69

It would seem as though the standard 0 degree rotation is the best, though slightly.

I currently had it in a bit of an "open air" situation, since fitting a 240mm rad in an 1100 is not the easiest thing in the world. I had the block attached to the CPU, obviously, and just had the rad itself "dangling" out of my open case, though I had the bottom supported on my desk. In all, it wasn't damaging anything. If anything, it was fairly optimal: pips were basically straight, cooler had an open air source.

I switched to the 0 degree rotation after testing #4, and then put the H100i back in my case. I had to put it in the only open space in my case, just inside the hard drive cage (see picture). I had to do some very slight modding to make some holes to attach it to the cage itself. I've got the fans still in push, but they're drawing air THROUGH the cage. I think it was miss or miss for me for my options; I can either try and pull air through the cage and the hard drives and have it exhaust into the case, or draw warm air from my SLI'd 570's and push it through the cage, on to my hard drives, and then switch my front fans to exhaust. Either way, here are the results of my current configuration:

Cooler position: 0 degrees ("standard"; logo right side up)
Test: Prime95 for ~1 hour
Core temperature results: 72/77/80/71

I expected the increase in temps, what with it being in a ****ty position and being back inside an inhospitable case environment. I gave up 6 degrees on my max core, which sucks, but oh well. I'd completely forgot about what my temps used to be like, so going back through the thread I'm still at +7 with an old H100i max of 87C before leveling off the bracket.


In all, I'd say I'm happy thus far. Well, happy in terms of where I've got to with my H100i. My initial post seems to indicate I was at 80C with my 212+, which means I spent $80-100 for nothing.

From here, I suppose I could try different fan configurations. Initial tests in open air seemed to indicate the SP120L's were the best bet, though. Don't see that changing, really, and don't want to piece apart my case to test it out.

I'm going to attempt to delid, as well, so that should hack off a whole bunch of degrees. Ideally, anyway. Unfortunately I think I've hit the wall with what I can do with the H100i and my precise setup. Gonna try to throw some more Hz on this OC after delidding. Might try to throw a couple on pre-delid and see how the H100i does with it.

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