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Project "Green Box"

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Hey Guys!
So I am planning on making my Second Gaming Rig and i am planning on using a EVGA Hadron Air case and do a custom water cooling loop on it. I am aware that there is a hydro version of it, but I really liked how the Air looks. I already got some parts, but still saving up for the main water cooling components. Also I am planning on doing a little bit of modding on the case. I am planning on doing a push/pull config on it so i need to do a little bit of modding at the top and probably on the right side panel of the case for some cable management.
So I got my fans of choice. Scythe SlipStream Slim Fans 2000 RPM's, and I just bought a Dremel. And the magnetic filter. I am planning on throwing those filters in right underneath the PSU inside the case.

Just got my Hadron Air delivered!

Just trying to figure out what will the sleeving look like on the side of the PSU. It will probably be super cramped in there after I sleveed all of the cables.

This is the difficult part for me to sleeve the cables. The PCI-E cable on this PSU is kinda weird. So im gonna need to make a custom one.

Ordered some Gelid Solustions UV Reactive fans, LED strips and a spool of Jet Black sleeving from FrozenCPU.

I just finished sleeving the 8 pin power cable.

Some more orders from Dazmode. Some basic crimping tools and some heatshrinks for heatsrinkless sleeving,

I purchased this BitsPower Fan Hub. I might use 5 fans for the case. Push/Pull plus 1 in the front for intake.

Just taking some pictures of the 24 pin cable and which color go to which slot on the connector before i make my own diagram. Its better to have reference when doing sleeving. You dont want to end up with a wire on the wrong connector slot that will definitely screw your system up! So better make some precautions before starting!

As you can see in the image, I made a diagram of the 24 pin, labeled each wire to eliminate difficulties when putting the wires back to the connector.

Just finished sleeving up the 24pin cable. There is still one wire that I haven't sleeved yet on the 24 pin. That is the 2 wires that goes in to one slot on the connector. So i need to make a custom cable for that too. I just ordered some 18 AWG wire from Luto0 and some sleeving. Still waiting for it before i could finish sleeving up all the wires.

Time to test if I put all the wires into their correct slots!

I am using a ThermalTake Doctor Power II PSU tester that I bought from MemoryExpress. This tool, for me, IS A MUST for all people who are just starting this kind of hobby.

And it works! thumb.gif I am now testing the BitsPower FanHub. I am using some corsair sp120 fans just for the test. And a old bitfenix spectre fan laying around my room.

And so far, this is my biggest issue on my upcoming build. When the Hadron Air got delivered, opened it up, and it had this scratches on the acrylic window panel And the scratches were from the inside! I guess the cables got shook too much on the shipping process. I dont know if i could do a RMA just for the panel. I ordered the case from Newegg.

Some updates. I saw this piece of metal sheet laying around our backyard. Grabbed my dremel and started cutting. Thinking of using this for my case mod for the Hadron.
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Quick question guys, for a slim dual 120 radiator, should i go with this?

or would this be good enough?
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Check your dimensions, both of them doesn't fit in your case.
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Alphacool ST30 or Magicool have the best slim rads.
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Subbed, looking forward to seeing this progress
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A little Update.

I just finished "Dremeling" and "Hand Filing" the cuts that I made from that sheet of metal scrap that I found in our backyard. Just waiting for some other components that I ordered then I will continue to do some more mark-ups for the the cut for the custom front panel that I am working on.
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Update time!

Got some of the components that I am going to use on my build! Still waiting for the cable sleeving stuff, but I am excited for tomorrow since Friday will be holiday, I will basically have 3 Days of playing around with this, doing test fits and mark ups to finalize which component will go to where!.

This Huge box was waiting for me in front of my bedroom door yesterday when I came home from work.

And like a pirate who's opening up a treasure chest that he had found on an empty Island, My heart almost exploded as soon as my eyes caught these!

First off, I grabbed two of each of this ModSmart 16"x16" Cast Acrylic Sheet, Uv Green and Smoke black.

Aaaaand here we go with the water cooling parts:

First off, the fitting that I went to. Monsoon ChainGun and Alphacool Rotary and 90 Deg. Elbow compression fittings.

Monsoon ChainGun Compression Fittings 3/8" ID x 5/8" OD.

Next, the cooling additive. Mayhems Pastel Green

The Res and Pump. I actually bought 2 tube Res. The EK-RES X3 150 will go on a different build that I have in mind for future. smile.gif

Next, the CPU WaterBlock, EK-Supremacy Nickle Plexi

For the GPU block, I went with EK-FC680+ GTX

This will be my Rad. I might do some drilling on the top of the case for this to fit the screw holes. I did some test fitting on the case yesterday and noticed that the other 2 screw holes don't match up with the screw holes on the top of the Hadron.

And I was about to checkout my cart when I noticed this sexy looking dual 120mm Rad Grill from MNPCTech.

And for my storage, I will just use my existing 120gb Samsung Evo for OS storage and for multimedia or other large files, I went with a 2.5" Western Digital Green 2TB. This will be mounted outside on the front of the case. I have it side by side with regular 3.5 inch HDD just for comparison and for people like me who wants to see the dimensional difference between the two.

And lastly, before the parts came in yesterday, I was trying to come up with a custom side panel where in I could easily route the PSU cables and possibly some mounting options for 2.5" Drives. This is what I came up with but right now, I am feeling lazy to do this. tongue.gif (Pardon my drawing ability since I was on the bus while I was trying to sketch this up properly. )

Well Until the next update!.
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Sweeeeeeet update, lol can't wait for my build as well.
Btw, why not for us to use the 2.5" laptop HDDs instead of the 3.5"? I mean what's the difference?
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Guys, is it possible to put a H60i or H80i for the Cpu on the top left side exhaust fan?
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