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I am merely referring to hoping someone beating mine in my opinion. I personally think that mine is the best looking. However I am hoping that someone comes up with a better looking 250d, once again in my opinion.

I like how clean your build came out man, however the only thing that stands out is that emblem, cutout on the top, and acrylic tubing, everything else is pretty cookie cutter for this case. I want to see something spectacular with some actual modding and efficient use of space. Overall great job!

There are 3 major window mods, full professional car body paint job. I have alas cut precision holes in the bottom of the case to allow for the cable to be routed under the case and tied down nicely. There are plans for possible future mods but for now there a a nice amount of mods thus far.
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Originally Posted by jsx821 View Post

Some people take this way too seriously, and don't realize that looks are all subjective. Your build is very nice omrheadshoto, however, the aesthetics in your case just isn't my thing. Maybe I'm just old (is late 20's too old? mad.gif ). Aside from the minor cynicism, I appreciate the effort, enthusiasm, and $ you have put into your build. I for one have the cash and effort, but no desire to do the same. Personally, I'm all about #'s and performance. Kind of like an old beat up Volkswagen painted in ***** brown, but pushing 400hp to the wheels on a 4 cylinder. Come to think of it maybe this is why I have Noctua's in my 250D. ***** brown noctua's all day tongue.gif

I have the maximum amount of ram and the highest speed. One if the best and most powerful consumer CPU's and the most powerful single GPU graphics card on the market. All of this raw power with awesome temps. My mods and aesthetics has not Impeded on the power in any way shape or form.

This PC is perfect for both sides of the fence. Looks stunning and the power is shocking.
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Will this case work with modular power supplies?
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ofc it will, this case imho will fit even those beastly 1200acx psu's smile.gif
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That's good news, but the not good news is that now I'm torn between this and the Bitfenix Prodigy...How am I supposed to get this build started if I can't make up my mind on the case...
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ive had bitfenix before. If you wanna go coolingspree with custom watercooling kit, you should pick bitfenix as it has much more space inside, you still can do waterkit on 250d tho just look at the devastator on first post.

In my own opinion i really hated bitfenix case, for what it is it's totally oversized and also it's inner design is rather poor. Ive had problems with successfull fitting in non modular psu with bitfenix also, airflow in bitfenix is rather fine if you go with meshes on side panels not windows but worry about dust as bitfenix supply you only with dustfilter for psu slot, all other vents are unprotected rolleyes.gif which is a big fail for the price they want.

If you are into more compact stuff but the one that can handle 240x aio cooler, 250d is more viable option for you. Also air vent is fine, all vents except rear are protected with filters on magnetic stripes so they are easy to unmount clean and mount in again. Inner design is also much better, hdd case is not blocking anything (unlike for bitfenix which you need to unmount half of it to fit full sized gpu) You get 2 hdd and 2 ssd trays next to the psu so it's not visible and easy to fit. On the other hand it might feel a little too crampled inside but since you get modular psu it shouldnt be of so much a problem.

Again it's up to you. Tho my vote is for 250d, totally in love with that case.
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Yeah at most I would mount an H100 or H100i which I have read will fit. And the one thing that the 250D has going for it is that it can mount a 240mm AIO and still keep the optical drive. It's about the same price as the Prodigy so I think I might look into it.
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yeah 250d wins so much in inner design over bitfenix smile.gif im not too sure but i think h100 have abit fatter rad than h100i and also it's outdated. Get h100i instead of h100.

Ps dunno if it's only me or others had this problem too but mounting properly h100i on cpu is a little bit gimmicky, you have to screw it really thight or either it wont reach cpu properly and you should do it in proper order.

Screw it medium so screws will hold it in place then tighten it really hard by the order i post here

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Thanks for the heads up. I was also looking at the CoolerMaster 240 AIO. Seems to get good reviews and it's actually very well priced here.
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in love with my CUBE biggrin.gif

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