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datPhenix - BitFenix Phenom Build

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Hello everyone, recently I decided to work on a new build. Normally I dont log my builds as it throws me off, stopping to take pictures of everything. I do not enjoy the process as much. Because of this I decided to actually record the whole thing and make it more artsy and show the effort that goes into it with a bit more detail.

Why this case? Not to long ago I was a fan of big cases, because it allowed me to show in anything I wanted with little effort. After getting the prodigy and trying it out, I realized how much fun and frustrating, and equally enjoyable to work on smaller cases. It takes great amount of planning and choosing as you cant just shove stuff in it, you have to actually think about what you want to do and be precise, otherwise you run out of space really quickly. In short, I see this as the next step in my case modding path.

I dont have much experience working on smaller ITX builds and cases, so I am hoping people who are like me will learn from my experience by watching these episodes.

Here is the case in all its glory..

And here is few of the parts I have decided on currently, rest of the parts I will have to go with the flow and fitting as I mod the case!!

Currently have I5 4670k but will probably go upto 4770k

Asus Maximus VI Impact with EK full waterblock

MSI GTX 780 TI Gaming edition with EK waterblock this might change in time with whatever comes better next

Rest of the stuff I will completely and utterly wing it.. smile.gif

Now without further ado.. the first episode! Unboxing of the Phenom!!

Next episode is "The Breakdown" I am going to open it up and remove everything..
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So a little bit more about what I am planning on doing while the next video renders..


I am planning on opening up this area for air flow, currently it is used a handle, considering front panel is hold in place by 4 plastic brackets, I am not sure what they were thinking when they designed it as a handle..

I am not quite sure if I want to install a mesh front panel yet, or cut the front panel in a way to let more air flow in. I really fancy the minimalist look of the phenom. However, either way I will cut out the sides all the way up to mesh handles to allow more air to enter into the system from the front.

Since I am blabbing away about the front panel, I would like to figure out a way to make the front logo to act as a power button, while maybe having HDD light on its top side and power light on its bottom side. Not sure if thats within my capabilities or worth the time but I fancy the idea.

As for the front panel, I would like to cut this grill and slide the the front 200mm radiator towards the gap in front panel to utilize a little bit of that half an inch gap. I will use the whole gap if I go with cutting or installing a mesh on the front panel, half if not. Either way I would have to make custom brackets to hold the radiator in place.


Depending on the fitment with front 200mm Radiator, I would like to perhaps cut this area for a bigger Dual 140mm Radiator. I am not sure how much I like the idea of having slim Fans up there between the top and top panel, so I might end up doing the same thing to cut and push the radiator towards the top fan. If I feel insane enough I might end up putting a 200mm radiator up here as well, and since its shorter it would allow me more room on the back and front..

I really like the look of the top panel, but if I end up putting a mesh on the front panel, I will be forced to make a matching mesh panel on top as well. That would work out better if I am insane enough to install the 200mm top radiator.


This part is a pickle, depending on the space with top mount I might place the pump here with reservoir and maybe a 140mm fan behind it to cool the pump. Not quite sure yet, if I have space I might just ditch that plan and insert a 140mm radiator here as well. I like overkill but, that would be way too unnecessary even for me I think.


Pickle number 2.. I could place the pump and reservoir here and maybe cut a small hole with a little fan to cool the pump. Or if I have enough space left over I might place the pump in the back and insert 120mm radiator here, but I am afraid it would mess up the airflow. I would like at least some cold air passing through the motherboard towards the back.

You can also see that I removed the motherboard tray, that will be cut to accommodate a much bigger 1200W future proof PSU, hence the importance of the space there. Not sure if it will be enough for another radiator. I am fan of extra power as I tend to have a lot of USB stuff, fans and internal/external hard drives. On top of that I like to overclock until it takes years of CPUs life. smile.gif

I am definitely settled on Phobya 200mm radiator, still measuring and looking for other places for the pumps, as I much rather have 2 pumps, and I have yet to see a prodigy or phenom with 2 pumps.

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Episode 2 - The Breakdown

It is nothing special; completely stripping the case down to get it ready for modding.
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Hi Sam.

Niice project!

I'm really interested in following your build since i'm aiming for something similar - haven't pulled the trigger just yet tho..
A few questions:
- Will there be room fore the 200mm Phobya rad in the front - and if so, how much clearance to your full size graphic card?
- by the looks of the pictures the topside rad, should be fairly slim - whats your thoughts on that?
- Will you be watercooling the GPU?

As I said - awesome build if you can pull it off.

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