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Multiple BSODs - Details Inside!

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Hi guys. Forgive me if this post gets messy - I have a lot of info to get down rolleyes.gif

I built my rig around August last year and have had multiple different types of persistent 'crashes' since. Here are my specs:

Windows 7 Ultimate
I5 3570 (non-K)
Asus P8Z77-LX ATX
Corsair Vengeance 2x4gb
EVGA GTX 660 2gb
Samsung 840 EVO 120gb
2x WD blues 500GB
Corsair CX600M - 600W
Some cheap Samsung DVD/CD writer (SH-224DB/BEBE)

The first type of crashed - which never produced a single BSOD - was caused by the addition of an old wireless adapter. It would cause a sudden screen lock and audio loop but would recover eventually if I left it.

Another type of which (which I still experience) is very similar in that it causes a sudden screen lock, but there is no audio loop and it never recovers. Pressing the reset button does nothing for 5-15 secs before finally restarting. No BSOD is produced. I tried to fix this by reinstalling windows but it had no effect.

Recently I have finally started getting some BSODs (3 random and 1 induced):
  1. DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL 0xd1 and has mrxsmb.sys and ntoskrnl.exe highlighted in red on BlueScreenView.
  2. DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL 0xd1but only has ntoskrnl.exe highlighted.
  3. RDR_FILE_SYSTEM 0x27 (which happened right after a windows update last night) and has bowser.sys, ntoskrnl.exe and rdbss.sys highlighted. I have not done a restore since and it has not happened since.
  4. Finally, I induced a BSOD with driver verifier (details later) and received DRIVER_PAGE_FAULT_BEYOND_END_OF_ALLOCATION 0xd6 with, once again, ntoskrnl.exe highlighted.

I have ran memtest multiple times for many passes with no fails but will be doing it again soon. The last time I ran it was before I fixed the issue with the wireless adapter.
I will be reseating my RAM and trying one at a time - I did this before but this was also before the wireless adapter problem was fixed.
I have tried to keep all drivers up to date but I'm unsure on how to check without missing any?

I used Driver Verifier with Special pool, Pool tracking, Force IRQL checking, Deadlock detection, Security checks and Miscellaneous checks enabled. I received a BSOD on startup which said portcls.sys and left minidump number 4 in the list above. I did a restore and tried again with the same result.

I have done multiple virus scans with MSE and MB over the months and haven't had anything serious pop up. Both return no threats right now.

All the searching I have done online has aimed at RAM issues and audio driver issues? I'll be diagnosing these first but could really use some other direction since I don't know too much about these things.

The crashing/BSODs do not seem to be induced by anything. The only thing I've noticed is that I haven't seen it happen Minidump.zip 91k .zip file when the system is idle. I haven't noticed an increase during heavy load though.

The file I attached (Minidump.zip) has the four dumps inside.

I'm sure I've missed something so please ask if you need anything else. I'll post more information as I gather or remember it.
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Tried updating/reflashing bios?
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Yep, both times (first installation and reinstallation)
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