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Originally Posted by ZodiacG66 View Post

Scythe BIG Shuriken Rev.2 B

Scythe BIG Shuriken Rev.2 B


Scythe BIG Shuriken Rev.2 B


ok, real top 3 list

Scythe BIG Shuriken Rev.2 B

Noctua NH-L12 (with top 120mm fan changed to a slim 120mm fan)

Silverstone NT06-PRO


Wait . . . . OK, top 4

then you got water AIOs

Corsair H55

Silverstone Tundra 03 slim (but it's not that good at cooling anything overclocked)

Will really need to know the CPU it's going to cool

RVz02 listed as supporting up to 58mm cpu coolers, and the silverstone NT06-Pro is listed at 82 mm so I do not believe this will fit, which leaves the question to suitable cpu coolers for those of us without access to cryorig or scythe products!
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Originally Posted by MelvinGimp View Post

1.3V is just really really much voltage for 4.5 ghz. I can run my 4790k at 4,5 with only 1.15v!!(4.4 @1.1 at the moment)
Try to lower voltage or go 4.4 ghz.
Lets be honest there is no real difference between 4.2 or 4.6 ghz in gaming. Just set multicore enhancement to enabled,thats the biggest push to performance any ways.
Amd thin about deliding your cpu, that brought my temp down by 15°C.

I wasn't thinking undervolting my 6700k but when I read your stuff, I tried aswell.
Runs at 4.425mhz with 1,136v like a charm.

thanks for the idea.
(2 photos)
(2 photos)
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Originally Posted by zackfalcon View Post

Also, would one of the HGST 7k1000 7200rpm laptop hard drives fit in the SSD drive cages?

ye it would as long its a 2,5 inch one, what is usually the case with laptop drives.
(2 photos)
(2 photos)
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It's the windowed case and yes its easy to take the acrylic part out.
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According to this: http://www.silentpcreview.com/article1496-page3.html

The RVZ02 has a spot for a 2.5-inch drive underneath the PSU, but I've never seen anyone use it, nor is it referenced in any of the other reviews I've seen. I did wonder why those bracket like things are there, but can anyone confirm, please?
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Originally Posted by baomeista View Post

Dont get the noctua fan, it will not be able to handle the i7 6700k at 4,4 ghz for too long, get the big shuriken as posted alot already in this thread.

The 980Ti is a custom style graphics card, the reference style cards might be better since they blow the hot air through the back of your case instead of trapping inside the gpu chamber.
But I have seen alot of other people buying custom design graphic cards, so I wait for their opinion aswell.
I have a reference style 970 and it gets quite load and it will actually hit 80°C when gaming on max speeds.

Not sure if u actually need the 600w, the 500w will be enough unless you want to OC like crazy and mount 4 hdds.

Thanks for the reply

I did some more research last night and I think I might be better off getting the Silverstone FTZ01 case. Would you recommend this?
As for the CPU Cooler I will get the Silverstone Tundra TD03-Slim (watercooled). Even though PCPartPicker lists it as "incompatible", I have seen at least 3 persons using that in a mini-ITX silverstone build.
Considering I will not be overclocking either my CPU or GPU, I think I will get the 6700 instead of the 6700K. Would that be better from a cooling point of view?

As for the GPU, any recommendations on a reference 980TI that still has good stock cooling. As I mentioned, I don't want to bother too much with modding. It's not that I don't know how to do it, it's just that I don't have much free time in the evenings anymore (busy job, family, 2 kids, you know what I mean...) and I'd rather use it to enjoy my "beast" right away. Plus, I'll be ordering all parts from abroad which is why I am asking for help here to ensure that all components "fit" inside the case and that I don't end up with a bad surprise in a couple week.... I got an estimate after adding all parts to my cart on Amazon.de and without the VAT it'all come up to ~1500 euros which is well within my budget. I might bring it down further by switching to a reference 980TI.

Thanks again for your help! Hope you can assist with the few remaining queries I have above!
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Originally Posted by DrAwesome95 View Post

Can easily paint it, am just lazy ahahahaha!

Also like I said, if theres enough interest I can do some orders for people
Although I think you're gonna have to cut the window in the panel yourself cause shipping will be expensive and take long and stuff

Tell me what to do and take my money!!! lol
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Can anyone recommend any other 980ti for the RVZ02 other than the reference. Also would the Scythe/shurikan cooler fit on on 1151 mobo/CPU? are they really that more efficient than Noctua?
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Also can anyone recommend a good LED strip that you can change via program and not remote?
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