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One card already seems to have gone bad just running two! Only thing I did was flip them to uber, play some games, start mining, and now the main card perma blackscreens. I monitored GPU-Z for about an hour and GPU/VRM temps were just fine.

Going back to Nvidia (3x 780Ti). These cards don't seem to be worth the hassle for chump change I would get mining.

Well, it is chump-change but in the same way a Starbucks coffee is... one coffee, ya... but every day for a few months... I've paid for my first card, working on the 2nd.

I also had a Gigabyte windforce 290x that died after a few hours of operation. I was not impressed with the Gigabyte RMA department. Site down, extremely rude tech, etc... I just returned the card to the vendor and picked MSI brand. I have some Twin Frozr GTX 760s which have been nothing but awsome....

While these cards have worked well for me, I can't recommend the MSI twin frozr for CrossfireX anyway. I liked the design of the Gigabyte card a lot more, but not the longevity,

Anyway, I am getting to a point, and from my experience with two of these, I can't imagine trying to run three of these in any case (and mining) unless you live on an ice planet.

I have 2 120mm fans I cut into the top of my case to draw hot air out, used a dremel to install a 200mm fan right over the 290s - in addition to 4 80mm fans in the stock locations...

That really helps, but for mining purposes I flashed an ASUS bios for undervolting and temperature control. I set the max to 87 and then the top card still tends to throttle and a lot of times even the bottom card. I do have the fans curve set to max out at 72%, because over that is just additional noise because and does not seem offer additional cooling when the 200mm is running.

For gaming purposes and benchmarks I'm good because that seems to be less demanding than mining.

The next issue I have is with crossfireX, which only works full screen (unlike SLI), tends to kick out of crossfire mode if you alt-tab out of a game for a sec and in a lot of games the sound is horrible if you enable v-sync.

honestly, going back to Nvidia (3x 780Ti) is probably an excellent idea.

I like AMD a lot (not trolling) I'm a huge supported of the FX 8320 - even over the 1230v3 I'm running the 290s with, but these cards are just unrefined and not up to Nvidia quality smile.gif

I just set a Bustelo cafe con leche (which I had accidentally frozen) on one of my top fans and it defrosted quicker than I expected and it ended up being sort of warm frown.gif
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