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I think it is easy to get your money's worth with games that have such a vast multiplayer component, provided that the general gameplay is something that appeals to you.

The game does have issues. Some of the issues were simple bugs and crashes at launch that have mostly been addressed be now. But others are a little more serious, and we are not sure to what extent the developer will be able to address them. These issues are more about the fundamental gameplay aspects. For example, a current ongoing issue is the accuracy with which moving objects (including enemies) on your screen reflect their actual location. This leads to odd situations, such as projectiles impacting before you see them hit the target, bullet trails of sniper rifles appearing after someone has already been shot and hit by that bullet, and general synchronization issues between client and server.

Despite these issues, I still think BF4 is a game worth buying and playing, just because of all the things that are in there and because the gameplay and design of the game is pretty great (in my opinion), it is just a shame that something so grand and impressive fails at such a basic level.