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Digital forensics hardware

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I'm working a lot with digital forensics (for fun, mainly, but I'd say it's now a big part of my life) and generally use what I can find when I need adapters, as I have no idea where to look for as far a quality hardware is concerned.

Could you recommend me brands that would have good products for the following ?

Basic converters for interfaces such as IDE or Sata,
hardware write blocker,
reliable hard drive dock, or any solution that would make HD imaging easier (hardware imagers would be cool although I doubt I'll find something that is not overly expensive).
something else you think might be important or at least worth looking at.

Thanks smile.gif
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Here is an ide-sata adapter you can use for hot swaping drives and scanning them without shutting down and installing a drive manually.
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I genuinely don't get your answer, did you forget to link something ?
Also I'm not looking for any adapter, I see tons of these averywhere, I'd like something really reliable that would be good for intensive use and last me a long time (also want it to provide good performances).
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Well the one I had seen was custom made by a pc repair shop, I guess the only thing you can do is check hardware reviews to see which one is high quality and will last. If you want any speed I would strongly suggest something that is USB 3.0 and verified to provide high speed such as 80-100MBps
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Hey, thanks for the answer,
I don't know if I really have to look for USB 3, I guess most high end devices would either use another interface such as firewire or be connected to PCI Express for maximum bandwidth, and I will take any good quality USB 2 adapter rather than a generic one with a shiny USB 3.0 logo on it without thinking twice.
Also I really can't trust reviews, litterally 99.9% of what I see is cheap plastic "easy way to save your dying hard drive" crap, and when looking on specialized forensics websites I can't really find much (I remember seeing a few reviews for 2000$+ devices a little while ago).

If someone here can recommend something that is really fitted for professional forensics application, I really want more than reading a few reviews on a consummer type website smile.gif
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Any suggestion ?
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Does someone see what I'm talking about ?
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Ok, so I'm not getting many answers but I'll leave this there, just in case.

What I'm trying to achieve is completing a workstation suited for digital forensics as part of my computer security training, I just basically need an above average computer with everything I need to process data from any source possible, so far I have support for USB (obviously), external sata and possibly esata.
I was originally a bit lost as to what particular hardware was use by professionals but I just found this link that answered some of my questions. It uses some Tableau hardware on the front which is a bit out of my league as it is really expensive, but there is also a generic Advance card reader and a few plain hard drive bays.

I think adding a few of those would be cool (especially since I have 9 bays to use in my PC case), a card reader is also not something I can do without, firewire support would be great, and more eccentric things such as SIM card readers would be a nice bonus.

If someone has something to reccomend for any of those things that would be great. Thanks smile.gif

By the way I guess it should be obvious but I'm looking for quality hardware, not any cheap thing I cannot rely on, I imagine I can take the risk to go for lower quality stuff but in that case I'll likely be purchasing more than one for redundancy.
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