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Rather than having the PSU hover above the motherboard, why not place it where the bottom intake fan is?

All in all, this case looks amazing. Hopefully you can start a Kickstarter/Indiegogo campaign like the folks who made the NCase M1
You mean place it on the bottom? If I do this I will no have space for a liquid cooling system :/. Thanks! I wish I could start a Kickstarter/Indiegogo campaign, but firstly I have to improve the system, and make it feasible, I hope everything goes well to make it real.
My point is would it fit a decent low profile cooler and still work well? I can't afford to watercool due to importation costs,so i'd sleep better at night knowing i can air cool.
Sure! Something like a Cooler Master GeminII M4 CPU Cooler, Scythe Big Shuriken 2, Noctua NH-L9i or a Noctua NH-L9A will fit perfectly. Due to the SFX Intake you should flip the fan.
the pics at the beginning looked like the frame that the pc sits within and then have a case frame that this slides into and screws hold it in place so it can be a open bench/closed case in a second.
True! If you want you could have it open.
Very nice design.