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Hello all,
I am working on designing my first mod and needs helps plz! tongue.gif

I am looking to build a case that is integrated with the desk and could be used as a monitor stand, but as my living arrangement is not permanent and I do not plan on keeping my current desk, I want to be able to put this case on a new desk without much difficulty. As I am not designing it to be in a permanent location, I would also like to make it somewhat modular. For example, I would like to be able to re-arrange the setup to be in a left corner or right corner by rearranging the drive bays, power supply, and motherboard orientation. I am looking for ideas on how to accomplish what I have in mind. I will be borrowing most of my ideas from Kaxtos' Project Kapros thumb.gifAn image of his desk (Click to show)
A couple of other posts that have similar setups can be found here and here (same person)
Also another example here, and yet another here.

So in short, what I would like in my case are the following:
  • A flat-on-desk design very similar to Kaxtos' (likely with the curves, corner piece, and general layout)
  • I would like it to be able to be flush against a wall, meaning cables cannot be sticking up behind it unless through a cutout, and the mobo I/O cannot be all the way against the wall
  • I do not currently plan on doing more water cooling than a corsair hydro series, so a good air path is a must (dust filters please?). Positive pressure... thinking wind tunnel format? (in one+ sides, out the other end)
  • Fans will likely be silverstone air penetrator or similar for maximum flow and pressure
  • Modular design so I could flip the layout. A clean flat "top" is preferable, but that's the easy part
  • Hopefully some kind of fake floor to hide cables, and a way to route keyboard/mouse cables to front

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