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So for UK customers we would have our items held at customs till we pay the tax?

If that's the case i don't see it doing so well over here. and foresee a lot of angry customers that don't read the fine print. that and the savings aren't anything to care about.

That I dont know, because you pay the extra amount for tax and import duty when you buy the product on neweggs website. That being said the price quoted is an estimate on the transaction page. Its confusing.

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We (UK) have far better services such as amazon, scan, ebuyer, etc for ourselves.

Unless you save £100 of the final prices, I see no reason to purchase. Newegg should stay local, it is like scan allowing US customers to order. Amazon on the other hand has a variety of items and they also have a few bases here, making it a legitimate seller.

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That (basing warehouses in this country) is the only way I can see Newegg taking this UK venture seriously, otherwise nobody in their right mind would buy stuff from their website. Why would you buy something for the same or more expensive price, and wait like two weeks more plus deal with the hassle of customs as apposed to paying the same price for it here? Makes no sense whatsoever.