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Looking great! I wonder what performance would be like with a 750 Ti...
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I've said it before, and I'll say it again: Every Millimeter Counts.

It is very close to fitting, but that damned audio header. I'm very tempted to take the aluminum shell off to see if I can shorten it at all. I'm running out of material to remove from the bottom piece of the PlayStation. I might also see if I can smooth down some of the pins/solder on the bottom of the motherboard, but I don't think I have the right tool for it.

You may notice that the video card isn't in yet. I want to get the motherboard situated and hopefully screwed down in some way, before making cuts for the video I/O.
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Dont cut it just fab your own cover.
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More updates!

I carved a little out of the back to give the wires coming off the PSU some clearance. This let the motherboard slide back a few MM and get off the rise at the front. I was concerned I might have to cut more than this, but I only needed a little extra play.

I did some surgical Dremeling here where the power button sits. There's still hope for keeping the original power and reset buttons functional.

Got it! I had to shave the top down as far as I dared to do it, but it closes. I have cleared the biggest hurdle in terms of fitting the components inside the PlayStation. There's going to be some work to clean up some of those edges, but it is going to fit. After this, the video I/O will be easy. The big question there is how much I want to open up for ventilation. I like the idea of fabbing my own cover that can cover both the motherboard and video I/O ports. I just need to find a material that will match the PlayStation, or pick something that won't stand out too much.
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Get a broken console and use that for parts to patch up
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Another significant milestone in this update. All it took was some Dremeling, but all the components now fit inside the chassis.

I had to open up the video I/O space a little more after this to fit the HDMI cable, but everything is in there.

Here's some more pics:

Further work was needed on the lid.

The lid is just resting on it right now, but it's in place.

I've got the system running for stress tests now. I'll have to shorten the cables for the switches, but I want to get them properly situated first. I still think I can make the original buttons work. The hole on the right is where the "Open" butten went. That will get permanently glued in soon.

I stopped Furmark when it started pushing 87 degrees (It ran around 70 in the Falcon). I have to open up the front more for hot air exhaust. I've carved enough out that a custom I/O shield is going to be a necessity both for aesthetics and structure.

I ran Prime95 for about an hour and temps were stable around 60-63 degrees C, peaking at 65. The cooler gets a bit loud, as expected, at full load, but idle it's pretty quiet.
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All the I/O faces the front?
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Except for power, yes. I had good reasons for orienting things this way (there's venting on the bottom under the video card, keeping the power/reset buttons working) but if I had to do it again I might try it the other way around.
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Just opening that up has temps stable around 80 degrees C. Not where I'd like to be, but an improvement. I can open up some ventilation in the bottom of the case for intake, which should help.
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80's a bit toasty but as long as it's stable I don't see an issue with it. Well besides longevity maybe but opening another breathing hole should definitely help.
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