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For Sale:
SOLD: Gigabye r9 270 OC- Nearly new, Perfect condition. $200 shipped OBO

Will Ship To: Anywhere


For sale is a nearly new Gigabye R9 270 OC- same as you can see on newegg here:

Payment: I can accept paypal (preferred) or I can set up amazon payments.

Shipping: I can ship USPS, or Fedex for a few dollars extra. It will ship in a box, packing peanuts, and then include its original box and antistatic bag.

Details: I bought it for mining but have since decided that I really don't need to be doing that, and the heat is a little much for my one room apartment rolleyes.gif
I only overclocked it slightly (+50 mhz), and never touched the voltages. Everything ran fantastically, I have just determined mining isn't for me, and I honestly don't need this GPU for gaming, my older Nvidia does well enough. The card itself is quite quiet (as far as I can tell in my semi-loud rig) both at idle and at full load.

This card is powered with TWO 6-pin video power connectors.

Hours on the card have to be less than 150. It is still brand new, and didn't even have time to catch any dust or anything! I didn't clean it for the photos.

Price: I bought the card for $220+shipping. $200 will net me a slight loss after shipping to you, and the prices have risen significantly since then.. I think that this is a fair price, but I am open to offers. Feel free to PM me. smile.gif

Thanks for looking! PM me with any questions or offers.
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