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Xeon Workstation / Gaming Build

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Hey all, it's been a while! Good to see OCN still strong smile.gif
So this one isn't really a question, more just a forum for thoughts.

I work at a computer shop in Australia, and as part of our cheaper options we buy in computers from the Government and resell them (after reinstalling them and running all diagnostics). Our latest purchase includes a bunch of Lenovo C20's for a cost price of $200inc!
We're selling them at far more than that, but I will be buying myself one at cost price biggrin.gif
Quick Rundown of important specs:

Intel Xeon E5520 quad-core HT @ 2.26 - 2.53
6GB DDR3 @ 1333MHz (3 x 2GB sticks)
Server motherboard supporting two 1366 socket Xeon's
NVidia Quadro 2000
800W 80plus Gold server PSU

My personal additions:

I have purchased another Xeon E5520 on eBay for $70.
I have another Quadro 2000 (exactly the same) chilling in a draw at home, undecided what to do as yet
I will be bringing across my 3 3TB WD Red drives and putting them in RAID 5 for data
My OS will be situated on a 512GB Samsung 840 Pro
I'll be putting in a USB3.0 PCI Expansion card (No native support on that motherboard :'( )

So this is where it becomes open for discussion / thoughts:

The computer in my signature is what I'm using for my every-day / gaming rig. I am happy to chop and change parts to suit either way.

What do you think I should do with GPU setup in the workstation? I was considering selling the Quadros and putting in a reasonable GTX series card. I could also sell my GTX 670's and get something really good or leave as-is, undecided...

Keep in mind, I won't be doing a huge amount of workstation type work. I'm not the type for lots of CAD work or rendering, though I do it a little as I'm a web dev and get stuck with undesirable graphical work now and then.

The signature build will become more or less a dedicated gaming build if I don't game on the workstation. Probably going to sell the bigger Corsair case and sell the SLI cards and buy one good card and a Bitfenix Prodigy or similar mATX case for compactness.

If I am to benchmark this thing, what scores from what applications would you guys be interested in seeing? I'm happy to run just about anything as long as it doesn't require too much time manned.

Any input or ideas would be very appreciated. I'll update this description if it turns out I've missed information.

Thanks OCN! Throw some ideas at me!

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heh since you will have 16 threads you can do tons of stuff with power like that...... for starters encoding videos, hosting a nice little vmware farm, ftp server, terminal services... all at once. really depends what you are into ;]
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