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Air Coolers For Corsair 250D

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Well, unfortunately it seems the NH-U12S height is 158mm and the 250D has a clearance of 140mm. Are AIO water coolers such as the Corsair H100i or Swiftech H220 really my only option when it comes to a quality cooling solution? I was hoping to run something somewhat quiet and it seems the new fad of AIO water cooling does not take this aspect of cooling into consideration. Now, I'm not opposed to buying the H220 or anything but from what I've read these things are simply not worth it. However, if the 250D limits my options one of these AIO solutions may be my best choice. Anyone with any experience with a MicroATX build in a 250D care to chime in?
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eh? 140mm is plenty. It's only 94 or 95mm with optical drive though.


Phanteks PH-TC14CS
Heatsink Dimensions with Single Fan 160 x 151 x 112mm (LxWxH)
Heatsink Dimensions with Dual Fan 160 x 151 x 140.5mm (LxWxH)

Noctua NH-C14 Height (with fan) 130 mm

Noctua NH-C12P SE14 Height (with fan) 114 mm
Noctua button NH-L12 Height (with fan) 93 mm

Thermalright AXP-200R , AXP-200 Muscle , AXP-200
Heatsink Dimension: L153 mm x W140 mm x H60 mm
(add 13mm height for the slim fan)

Thermalright AXP-100 (and AXP-100 Muscle , AXP-100R) L121 mm x W105 mm x H44 mm (+14mm for fan)

Prolimatech Samuel 17 (L)121.2mm X (W)120mmX (H)45mm

Scythe Big Shuriken rev B 125 x 135 x 58 mm

Scythe Kozuti 110 × 103 × height 40mm

Deepcool Gamer Storm Gabriel 120 x 120 x 60 (W x D x H)

Be Quiet Shadow Rock top flow 171 x 137 x 126 mm (L x W x H)

Xigmatek Janus 120(W) x 110(D) x 45(H) mm (w/o FAN)

Silverstone NT06-E 123mm (W) x 82mm (H) x 149mm (D)

Cooler Master GeminII series

Raijintek Pallas Heatsink size (mm) 140 x 150 x 68 (W x D x H)

92mm TOWER
Thermalright True Spirit 90M Rev A Dimension: L102 mm x W55 mm x H125 mm

Noctua NH-U9 B SE2 Height (with fan) 125 mm

EVGA ACX mITX **** Sleeve bearing fan

Silverstone AR02 92mm(W) x 50mm (D) x 134mm (H)
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hey !

I have the same problem ...

I use H100i and test H90 but pump noise is too loud for me ...

I want back to aircooler but clearance is too short ...

Best aircooler is :

- Be quiet Shadow Rock Top Flow
- Noctua NH-C14

I test NH-U9B but my temp are too hot ( 72° with a i4670k, no overclock)

hard ...
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